Review : Saw Palmetto Extract (100% Extract) Plus Pumpkin Seed Oil: Pharmaceutical Grade Saw Palmetto Extract – Potent DHT Blocker, Supports Prostate Health & Testosterone Levels


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Potent DHT Blocker Formulation: Stop Hair Loss, Improve Urination Issues, Reduce Prostate Swelling & Increase Testosterone Naturally

Both Saw Palmetto extract and pumpkin seed oil have been shown to prevent the conversion of testosterone to DHT – subsequently lowering DHT levels and increasing testosterone levels. This has been shown to:

– Dramatically improve hair loss issues

– Relieve Urination issues

– Reduce prostate swelling and improve overall prostate health

– Increase Testosterone Naturally

– Supports Sexual Function

Pharmaceutical Grade Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw Palmetto Extract is regulated as a drug within Europe, due to is potent and ability to improve menÕs health. The organic US Plus Saw Palmetto Extract within our products meets these same pharmaceutical standards and exceeds the US Pharmacopeia standards for Pharmaceutical Grade Saw Palmetto. It is 100% oil extract with the one of the worlds highest concentrations of fatty acids, sterols and phytonutrients.

7-10 Times More Potent than Saw Palmetto Powder

The active nutrients found within Saw Palmetto are found in the oil of the berries. Our Saw Palmetto extract is 100% oil form boasting the highest concentration of active nutrients. Commonly sold Saw Palmetto Powder contains only 8%-12% oil content, requiring you to take 7-10 capsules to get the same nutrient content as one capsule of our product. Our Saw Palmetto extract is in 100% oil form.

Florida Grown Organic Saw Palmetto

Our organic Saw Palmetto is organically grown and extracted in its natural habitat in central Florida. The Saw Palmetto is extracted with solvent free SuperCritical CO2 extraction process. This extraction process eliminates the use of dangerous chemicals and delivers the highest concentration of nutrients.

Potent DHT Blocker Formulation: Saw Palmetto & Pumpkin Seed Oil are potent DHT blockers that aid in preventing hair loss, relieving urination issues, reducing prostate swelling, improving prostate health and increasing testosterone naturally.


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